Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Without Autumn

I'm happy to tell you that my zine is now in the shop! It's called Without Autumn and contains eleven pages of what I'd miss if I didn't have Autumn. It's printed onto fine drawing paper and stitched together by hand using vintage linen thread. The zine costs $7 in the shop and at the moment I have only printed 10 copies although I will consider printing more if I sell out.

A liitle extract - "Without Autumn...... there wouldn't be my special jumper....or pinecones, or rosehips, or acorns.....there wouldn't be a hot flask of soup at lunch......." and so the zine continues.

I hope you like it!


  1. This is so awesome and beautiful!

  2. brilliant! well done jill :) lovely lil book, would love to get my hands on a copy...

  3. can't wait to see it in person

  4. That's a lovely book! Can it be bought online?

    I did a Today I Saw post on my blog today. =)

    Kate x

  5. it is divine:
    it'll be a sell out:
    well done!

  6. You made a wonderful job, Jill ! A lovely tribute to Mister Fall !