Friday, 17 September 2010

16th September 2010

sending it to Rachel Mellor in Redditch, England
Enjoy your weekends everyone - I have a busy one, with both my brothers visiting me in London. I have an itinerary of fun activities planned. Do tell me what you see over the weekend. It's always fun for me to read. Start your comment with Today I Saw......


  1. The view of the Tower Bridge from the Southbank is one of my favourite views in London. Thanks for reminding me of it

  2. Today I saw the rain thrash so violently it knocked over a little puppy. Then two minutes later the rain cleared up and the sun started to shine.
    ^ blog of just little poetry stuff by emma. she wrote it :P

  3. What a cool idea, just visiting your blog for the first time but will certainly be back! Enjoy the visit with your brothers!

  4. have a good weekend!
    today I saw a lady wearing 40's dress: white shoes, victory rolled hair, red lips and a dress covered in cherries ^_^

  5. Today I saw the road, and the passers by and a mother with her baby in her arms. i saw people reading the paper and buying pints of milk for their morning coffee. Today i saw London at a slower pace, and it looks beautiful that way.

    Love your blog! X :)

  6. Today I saw my floor full of cut out patterns ready to make bibs tomorrow..

  7. Today I Saw... two teddies on my sewing table with Liberty ears and big bellies I stuffed.

    the sun - for the hole day
    it was the sun of a new season, it really is autumn now

  9. today I saw ... two bubbling pots of dyeing goodness :)
    I hope the new rhythm at the uni is going along nicely & that you're not too tired.
    wow that drawing of the Tower Bridge is amazing ! xoxo