Thursday, 8 April 2010

Making my list

You may have noticed that for last couple of weeks I've been sending my postcards to friends and family. I thought it was about time I sent them some of my little drawings. I've also only been updating the blog once a week, I just got out of good habits. I'll be going back to my daily postings and I'm now going back to sending them to people I don't know (you guys!) so if you would like a postcard, or would like me to send one to a friend, and you haven't already recieved one or are waiting for one to be sent to you, then please do email me your address. Write TODAY I SAW in the subject and please do type your name followed by your address. I'll make a note of the first 30 addresses. I look forward to drawing for you. Jill x


  1. I sent my address I hope my e-mail went through! Regards. Miss Paula

  2. oh wow! i just sent my address o_o i hope i'll make to the first 30 ! ^_^

  3. I know my Libbie would love one as she is quite jealous of mine ^_^
    but in a sweet way of course:
    don't apologise for having a life Jill!
    sometimes it needs our attention more: