Monday, 8 February 2010

I love recieving mail, don't you.......?

Thank you for all your comments over the weekend. If you haven't already taken a look at what others wrote, then it's well worth it. Such a mix of unusual things. I seem to be at the end of my list of addresses. Which means I don't have anyone to send my postcards to. If you want one then just email me your name and address and I'll make a list of the first 30 addresses I get. I haven't taken note of any addresses which I have been sent between the last mailing and this one so please resend me your address. If you've already got a postcard then maybe suggest someone else who might like to recieve one. Make sure that if you email me you include you name and your address - very important when sending mail : ) It's much nicer for me to send my drawings to people who really appreciate them. Thanks for always stopping by to take a look. Jill x
update: I now have 30 names and addresses!


  1. I hope I've made it in time to put my name on the list ;) Just sent you an email. I love your beautiful images and artful point of view. Thanks for all of the wonderful posts & doses of daily drawings! We all need a bit of art in our day!

  2. I would absoulty love to receive a postcard from you, I love your drawings they are such fun. I have sent on my details. My friends and I always used send each other random things though the post, when we are at school/college/uni, it's been lost somewhat with the advent of email so it's such fun to recive something through the post (that is not a gas bill!).

  3. i hope i was quick enough yesterday! so beautiful and exciting!

  4. Hi
    Have I missed the postcard boat? I hope not I love your drawings and would love to get one through the post

  5. :( I missed it! Would really love to get a postcard from you...they look so cool.

    Better luck next time...

  6. Oh no I missed it!!! Will be eagerly awaiting the next request for addresses!! Love your postcards and your blog x

  7. oh i missed it AGAIN!!!!
    must check this more often...!!!