Wednesday, 13 January 2010

12th January 2010

I've been having a little think about TODAY I SAW and it's not quite so exciting sending the postcards to friends and family, knowing that each person has at least two. Some people have more like eight! I could keep sending them to bloggers I like but I'm afraid people will think I'm stalking them. I've decided it would be nice to send them to you guys, knowing that you'll appreciate them. I'll do this for the next month so the first 30 people to email me their address or a friends address will recieve a TODAY I SAW postcard. I hope you all like this new idea! x

UPDATE: I now have 30 addresses! Thank you so much for sending them all to me. I'm so excited to have lots of new people to send my drawings to!

sent to the first person on the list of emails.
(update: sent to Thea Richmond of the lovely blog mon ami in Vancouver)


  1. Have you heard of Postcrossings ( You send postcards to other people and then you get postcards from other people all over the world. You might find it interesting...

  2. haha ~ I've just emailed you and cheekily asked for one *yes just one and I'd gladly have eight but that's just greedy* and now I've read this!
    quelle coincidence ^_*

    like this new idea?
    ❤ it more like

  3. I tried to send you an email, not sure it worked or you may get it 3 times! haha! ;-)

  4. such a great idea, would love to receive one. I posted it on my blog as well.

  5. Susan Ferguson
    16 Robin Road, Rocky Point, NY 11778
    Thank you!

  6. Jill, My name is Mona Mechling and my address is 7626 Bernice Ave. Rohnert Park California 94928. I love your blog, it's so refreshing to look for the new drawing each day. Feel free to send to my address in the U.S. Thanks, Mona M.

  7. Oooh! I saw this too late! Hopefully you'll do this again next month...yes? Can we put our names and addies on a waiting list? :D

  8. oh yes please...i saw this too late as well but would love to receive one...what a lovely idea!

  9. Hope I'm not too late either, so I have emailed you in the hope. Love the pictures.

  10. How did I miss that it is ME who gets this lovely card?? I can't believe I was #1. I have been eagerly looking at the names of all the other recipients but never thought to look back at the first one. Silly me.

    I am so excited to hceck the mail now!

    thank you

  11. your card arrived last week and I love it - thank you so much! I wrote about it here: