Monday, 3 August 2009

2nd August 2009

sent to Grandma in St Helens, North England


  1. oh golly!

    i think this is amazing,
    such a good, sweet idea!

    you're such a good drawer!

    steph. ox.

  2. I just love love love your stuff. There is not enough snail mail in the world these days. Keep sending, and seeing and drawing. loves sylvanend

  3. I love what you do, you inspire meee :) keeep up with the fantastic work!

  4. jill, i absolutely love it! :) my fiance is pure sending me texts all the time now beggining with 'Today I saw..' :) *love those blackberries*!!

  5. Just discovered your blog... original, beautiful and very sweet... I liked this one... how thoughtful of u to choose this one for your grandma...
    I decided instantly to follow ur posts... thanks to you, for making me feel so happy today.. Some drawings brought smile on my face...