Monday, 25 February 2013

Shibori Pouch

A hand stitched pouch I have made for my friend, Laura.
She requested a new handmade pouch,
(showing me the worn out pouch she had been using).
Of course I was much obliged.
Laura likes Japanese things
and her room is full of beautiful objects from when she lived in Japan.
I used this beautiful shibori fabric which was made by Joanie.
The blue floral bias binding, and the green trim, are Liberty of London and I bought them in Paris. The cardinal button is from a shop in a little town in Illinois, America. I've been saving it for years. It was perfect for this project ( I like it when that happens!)

The red floral bias binding was a gift, i think it came with an order from Melissa

I stitched the whole thing by hand. I like the way it isn't perfect, the way the hand stitching creates irregularities.
I printed the fabric which I used for the lining with one of my hand carved stamps.

ps. Laura is a wonderful musician and I would highly recommend listening to her beautiful songs.


  1. it's delicious and she is a very lucky girl to have something personally created:
    I was thinking about you the other day when I saw a Connan Mockasin video {not the one you are in}
    I miss your little postcards and posts:
    hope life is good and full of smiles ☯

    1. Thank you Dee. Such kind words. Hope you and your daughter are doing good and well! Things are good here - thanks for asking! x

  2. you have the most amazing friends! love laura's songs.
    and this is a beaut purse. i love the way your handstitching looks friendly and artistic at the same time. do you think you might put some in your etsy shop again? i use my jill-made notebook every day :)

    1. Hi Melissa! So nice of you to say. I'm hoping to make some items for the shop soon, just motivating myself and getting back into the swing of making. Btw, the notebooks are all from muji so if you need a refill you can get it from there. If you don't have one near you then send me an email and i can post you one.

  3. What an amazing pouch you had created for your friend !
    Your handstitching always blows my mind, and is inspirationnal indeed.
    Sewing with the machine is so much faster, but it actually looses this sweet & lovely & perfect imperfection.