Monday, 20 August 2012

Some of my favourite things to wear.

I'm really enjoying colourful clothes at the moment.

A grey velvet 90s dress
Daisy face jewels
Flowery trousers
Glitter nail varnish
50s pink capri trousers
Pink pencil skirt
Patterned maxi dress which I made
Penknife on a string
Pink tie-dye crop top
Jeremy's Mum's glass bangles
Grey crop top that I covered in flowers
Silver socks
70s green floral waistcoat.


  1. i love your wardrobe. i wish i were brave enough to wear bright clothes. everything in my wardrobe is pale or grey or brown. sigh. you've inspired me! (specially love the look of that maxi dress you made)

  2. I totally love this! Color is so awakening.