Thursday, 19 January 2012

A brilliant video

I don't normally show other people's work here but maybe I should. Maybe I'll do it more.
Anyway, Daniel has made this really wonderful video, for a band called Django Django,which I couldn't resist showing. They spent weeks taping individual printed shots onto a wall. I love it!


  1. The video is awesome! Kudos to Daniel, et. al.!

  2. that daniel of yours is so clever! i love that video. i still really enjoy watching 'forever dolphin love' too. :)

  3. brilliant is the word ! you and Daniel make such a creative, happy couple !!
    like Melissa, I'm still enjoying Forever Dolphibn Love
    and thanks to D, Connan has become one of my very favorite singer

  4. oi eu sou do Brasil e gostei muito do vídeo, aqui no brasil tem um clip de uma banda que acho que você vai gostar, a banda é SKANK e o endereço do vídeo no youtube é esse: