Saturday, 5 November 2011

Printing on paper

This week I've been a bit of a crafting maniac. Every night after work I've crafted, developing my projects  from the night before. Here's how my week of evenings went ~ Monday I went to yoga. Tuesday I made paper boxes. Wednesday I printed on paper, made more paper boxes and made two paper collages, Thursday I printed on fabrics, Friday I made a pin cushion, started to make two needle cases and a hot water bottle cover. See what I mean by crafting maniac?

So I've got plenty to show you here. Let's start with printing on paper.

I used those little carved rubber stamps which Geninne is oh so good at making. I kept it simple, only carving chevrons, dots, triangles and stripes.
 Firstly I printed on envelopes

and then papers to fold into boxes,

and papers to turn into collages

The photos here don't show all the papers I printed but they do show that I was having a lot of fun on my small desk.

If you're in England, have a great Bonfire night tonight. This afternoon I'm making cinnamon buns (for the first time) to take to our nearest firework display.


  1. they all are enchanting
    I need to get started on stamp carving
    I had bought everything I needed, in Canada
    yours are exquisite, my friend !
    have a lovely weekend !

  2. Such a brilliant idea, I love the chevrons! Happy bonfire night to you too :)

  3. Your printed envelopes are wicked! I love the air mail envelope!

  4. A crafting maniac is the best kind of maniac! Love it!

  5. These projects are just adorable, Jill. I have really been enjoying all your recent blog posts. I hope you'll post some photos of the boxes you made from the printed paper.

  6. it's great that you're so creative and your prints are really lovely! I wish you tons of creativity in the following week too...

  7. Bonfire night! what's that? I wish we had that one. :)

  8. love your designs
    they would make amazing ceramic tiles