Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nervous creativity

You can tell when things are about to get real busy for me. I start using every second of my spare time to craft, make and blog. It's a nervous creative energy. I get nervous that soon things will be so busy that I won't have any spare time. Soon the children will be starting school and I know that my work load will quickly increase. It might also be a bit of nerves about starting school and being a teacher for the first time. Do you get that kind of crafting? The 'soon I won't have any spare time so I'd better make make make - crafting?' For now I'll just try not to think of it as feeling nervous and just be pleased that I'm being productive. Photos of the 'creativity' around the living room : )


  1. Oh my friend, it is so understandable ! From "chaos" or busy times, usually comes unexpected bursts of creativity. Everything you make is always so full of life, your future pupils are very lucky ones !
    Enjoy the rest of your week !

  2. Wow how exciting for you!! It's good to be a bit nervous :)
    Happy crafting!!!

  3. I completely understand!!! It's fun to see the results of your creative burst. You're making some wonderful things.