Monday, 4 April 2011

Forever Dolphin Love

I thought it might be fun to share Daniel's latest music video. The morning of filming he rang me and said two of the actors hadn't turned up, and could I be in it?! It was fun to see him at work and I think the video turned out really nicely. I'm the one who doesn't look like me : )


  1. yes, undoubtedly the wonderful blue fanned lady!
    brilliant video - very interesting. will ask more at a later date! well done for helping out. i'm sure daniel appreciated it.

  2. !!! How fun !!! girl on the left, yes?

  3. wow! i think i knew which one you were. :) i love the painterly feel of the video.
    CM is from new zealand- i remember a few years ago we saw him here in concert.

  4. oh my goodness, I remember you talked about it the weekend you helped him out but I wasn't excepting to see you all face painted !! A 10mn video requires a whole lot of filming & preps, hats of to you for helping D & for being so darn good, and to D for directing such a creative music video !

  5. what a coincidence! my friend Andy posted a different video by the same artist on his facebook yesterday:
    what a creative couple you are:

  6. What a great video!
    Having acted in a 4 minute short film which took us a whole day to shoot I know how tiring this can be!You look great!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. yes I am fan girl on the left! It was all filmed in 2 days which I think is pretty impressive considering the length of the video and the different locations. Thanks for your comments girls!