Monday, 17 January 2011

Today I Saw: 17th January 2011

Don't worry, I haven't gone crazy and decided to start doing Today I Saw in colour! : ) I thought it would be nice to take part in the poppy talk winter colour week. Each day this week, I'll look for something which is that day's special colour. Today is red. I'll scan it in (as it's dark when I get home) so as to keep up with the correct colours on each day. I wanted to join in the fun as a few of my friends are taking part here, here and here.

Sending it to Akane Saito in Toyama, Japan

A big thank you for all your kind and supportive comments yesterday and today. I'm delighted that you like the blog make-over and also that you enjoyed Geninne's interview. Doesn't Mexico sound so beautiful? Great news is that I already have another wonderful interview with one of my favourite bloggers for next Monday. I'm feeling happy and excited that fun things are happening and changing here, but I know that soon I will have to buckle down and get on with those essays! A girl can have some fun, can't she?


  1. of course she can jill
    that is what life is all about
    i adore the idea of today i saw in color

  2. brilliant !! what's cozier & more british than a red kettle ?!! :)
    it looks awesome <3 so happy to see you posting for this winter edition of Poppytalk colours week :)

  3. fun is very important so make a wee space for it every day!

  4. I've just discovered your blog through Geninne's Art Blog and I absolutely LOVE it! Completely and utterly delightful!
    Lucy : )

  5. Just found your blog through Geninne's it! I like the "What I Wore' drawing that you did. My Son used to draw his outfits everyday when he was young(I still have them!) and your drawing reminded me of that....thanks! :)----< from one Mermaid to the other...

  6. Hello Jill: I had no idea you were still doing Today I Saw. I haven't looked on your blog for months! I am so happy to see your cards again...I will have to go through day by day until I figure out where it started again. I've saved a card for you since the Spring! Best wishes for a happy and creative 2011. :-)

  7. I don't know how I have never seen your amazing blog before ~ so happy to have found you and your drawings! :)

  8. Thank you Jill !

    TODAY I SAW your lovely postcard came to my hand!

    I am soooo glad. Thank you so much :o)