Saturday, 8 January 2011

Craft and ideas

Hello friends, I'm supposed to use this space just for my Today I Saw project but I wanted to share with you this little pinecone pouch I crafted this week. It's a necklace that can be worn and used to keep treasure in. I've lined it with Liberty fabric. Do any of you remember the acorn pouch?

I liked having that blog where I could show things I'd made and things I'd seen. But a girl can't have three blogs, can she? I love the idea of having one space to share all my projects and interests but then it is nice to have one space for Today I Saw. I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this. Do you have just one blog for everything? or are your projects split into different blogs? What works well for you? Thank you for any comments on this.

Enjoy your weekend all. I'm to an afternoon birthday party (how very civilized!)


  1. you, miss. talented-girl, have a crossover with your postcards and creative projects: we see them in your little drawings ^_^
    maybe you can set up some sections on this blog?
    some bloggers do that:
    loving your acorn pouch and Liberty fabrics rock don't they?
    ~~~Dee {who has 3 blogs}

  2. Hi Jill,

    I am a girl with 3 blogs. My first is still the most active, but I think the others will catch up in the near future. One is food related, the second I plan to start writing about my life as an expat in Poland, and the third, which will begin the day I quit my job, is a 365 photo project.

    Even though I have separated my blogging by topic, I do know of bloggers that write about many topics, their blog is really a journal of their life.

    It seems as if I am successfully straddling the fence, not really giving you an answer, except to say, do what suits you.

  3. Oh I love this little bag Jill!

    I like the idea of having one blog to showcase all your amazingness. That way people get to see all your lovely projects in one place!


  4. I love your little pouch! I love every single scale you sewed on to it.

    I made Gracie a heart shaped, Liberty lined pouch necklace to wear when she has a loose tooth; that way if it falls out when she's at school she has a place to put it. She lost a tooth at school once and then really lost it. It was tragic.
    Will you keep teeth in yours too? Hope not ;)

    I love using Liberty fabric is special places. The inside of your acorn is the perfect place.

    I can barely keep one blog going, but I do have second very neglected one to show things I sell on Stitch Village, though I'm not sure why I have that one too.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. It looks lovely. A good relaxation from all your uni work. M.x

  6. I enjoy seeing all your projects! It's a one stop shop of cuteness and creativity :)

  7. i am definitely a one blog girl
    i just couldn't have it any other way

  8. This is so cool, I love it!!! I think it depends on how many posts are going to be about the things you make, if it's quiite a few then I would do a seperate blog, seems excessive but will keep everything tidy xx