Thursday, 22 October 2009

21st October 2009

sent to Stephanie Congdon Barnes in Portland, Oregon


  1. what fun! not only do I like the pumpkin, but I am charmed by the computer mouse and the photo on the desk. you have quite an you ever "see" cows? (I live on a diary!) keep up the lovely work!

  2. I love your postcards!
    I look forward to seeing them everyday!
    Now you have 1426 followers. Wow!

  3. yes!!!!!!!!!!!! your thumb moved. Would it asking
    much if you can expose more of yourself (Hand of course!).

  4. hello i got an award from one of my friend according to the rules i have to forward it to my favorites,and you also come in them, plz come and accept your award

  5. A punpkin on top of a filin cabinet :) ...