Monday, 10 August 2009

9th August 2009

sent to Chloe in London, the last one i sent her got lost in the post


  1. These postcards of yours are charming and such a great and amusing concept. Happy to have discovered (via Elisabeth) your blog.

  2. hi jill. thank you for my postcard. i love it.

    don't think you know but foxes are one of my favourite animals. i have a book about a woman who one day turns into a fox and the struggle she and her devoted husband have as she gradually loses human instinct and eventually turns wild. he can't bear to lose her, even if now she is truly a fox and he himself becomes wild and animal-like desperate to stay with her.

    i love the postcard of daniel dancing. so touching.xx
    p.s. got the LLLSE.lets do it